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A Bernstein / Bolcom Celebration - Program Notes 

Program Notes by Steven Blier 
September 23 and 25, 2008, Merkin Hall 
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If Michael Barrett and I were to create our own musical Mount Rushmore, we would have to start with sixty-foot sculptures of Leonard Bernstein and William Bolcom. We might argue about the other two profiles—I’d be lobbying for Carlo Maria Giulini, and Michael would be pushing for Robert Schumann—but Lenny and Bill would certainly have pride of place.

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Seventeen at 70 

Symphony Magazine (July/August 2008)
The "Generation of 1938" - 17 remarkable American composers born in (or almost in) 1938 - were feted with a festival of their music at the Festival of Contemporary Music at Tanglewood in 2007.

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