Music In The Making: National Chamber Music Month 

Houston Public Media featured Bolcom's Piano Quintet on its program "Music In The Making" on May 27, 2016. In honor of National Chamber Music Month the program showcased works by Bolcom, Reinecke and Bragato. Listen to the program online

On this week’s episode of Music in the Making, we’re continuing our celebration of National Chamber Music Month, featuring works for quintets, trios and duos!

Our first selection comes from one of the most well-known composers of our time — William Bolcom. Bolcom has become widely known for his symphonies (perhaps you remember when the Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra premiered his Ninth Symphony in 2012). However, Bolcom wrote in various other genres including piano rags, gospel organ preludes, cabaret songs and even three musical theatre works. In comparison to these, this next piece is one of his more classically conventional works.

William Bolcom – Piano Quintet  
Kyung Sun Lee and Sophia Silvos, violins; Wayne Brooks, viola; Kevin Dvorak, cello; Brian Suits, piano  
Moores Opera House