Financial Times: "Bolcom’s Trombone Concerto was the centrepiece"

Martin Bernheimer's Jan. 6 review says Bolcom's new concerto is "wild and somewhat wondrous... appeals with breathless urgency."

Joseph AlessiNew York Philharmonic/Gilbert, David Geffen Hall, New York
William Bolcom’s Trombone Concerto was the centrepiece of a modernist programme

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"The evening’s centrepiece involved William Bolcom’s wild and somewhat wondrous Trombone Concerto, which the same forces introduced only last June. Now as then, it provided Joseph Alessi with a splendid opportunity to display super-human bravado, also super-human bravura, for 21 minutes nonstop. The score appeals more to the head than the heart, but it fashions that appeal with breathless urgency. The jaunty showpiece may be exhausting for the audience, but Alessi soared over every intricate obstacle as if it were a piffling joke."