In conversation with Chamber Music Society

CMS of Lincoln Center has been celebrating various composers' 80 years of experience, craft, and skill. They recently sat down with William Bolcom to learn more about his illustrious career, his influences, and his landmark works.


Bruce Duffie: An interview with William Bolcom (1992)

An interview conducted by Bruce Duffie  in Chicago in November, 1992. Award winning broadcaster Bruce Duffie was with WNIB, Classical 97 in Chicago from 1975 until its final moment as a classical station in February of 2001.  His interviews have also appeared in various magazines and journals since 1980, and he now continues his broadcast series on WNUR-FM.


Bruce Duffie: An interview with William Bolcom & Joan Morris (1986)

This interview with William Bolcom, which took place on June 29,1986, also included the participation of his wife, mezzo-soprano Joan Morris. Bruce Duffie says: "As with some other musical couples that I’ve interviewed, on occasion they both responded to my questions together back and forth, and I was perceptive enough not to interrupt!"


Trombone Concerto receives warm reception in NYC

The New York Times and New York Classical Review praised the world premiere of William Bolcom’s Trombone Concerto, featuring the Philharmonic’s principal trombonist, Joseph Alessi.