Casino Paradise


Musical theater opera for 13 singers and 7 instrumentalists
(3 reeds, 1 brass, 2 keyboards, 1 percussion)
Book and lyrics by Arnold Weinstein
Orchestration by Bruce Coughlin

Duration: 80'
World Premiere: American Music Theater Festival, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 4, 1990


American Music Theater Festival
KOCH International Classics 3-7047-2H1 (1991)
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The University of Michigan Musical Theatre Department Studio Production (2000)
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Act 1 

Little Overture
Seaside Peace
I Am the Landlord
Gambling/Roll Up Your Sleeves
A Great Man's Child
The Conspirators
It Will Be Our Little Secret
Casino Paradise
I'm His
Nobody Takes My Paradise From Me
Drive Me, Driver
Put Him In

Act 2

This Is Not the Promised Land
A Good Son
Ten Cent Piece of the Pie
The Establishment Route
The Road To You           
I'll Be By               
Night, Make My Day
There Stood Love    
The Road To You (reprise)                
The Curse                
Finale: Casino Paradise (reprise)    


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